Academic Activities

Academic Activities

Academic positions:
Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University (2004 - present)
Training and supervising analyst at Columbia Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (2011 - present )
Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Weill-Cornell Medical College Department of Psychiatry (2002 - present )

Administrative responsibilities:
Chair of Admissions Committee, member of Executive Committee at Columbia Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (2012 - present )
Class mentor (2007-12)
Chief Resident (Cornell, 1997-98)

Educational activities:

Supervising psychiatry residents
Case conference consultant on the personality disorders unit of New York-Presbytarian Hospital
Presenter and instructor in psychoanalytic process classes
Preceptor at Brain and Mind course

Teach and supervise Transference Focused Psychotherapy

Courses taught:
Sexuality and aging ( Weill-Cornell Medical College ; 1998 - present )
Personality disorders in the elderly (Cornell, 1998 - present )
Introduction to object relations theory (Columbia 2004 - present )
Adult development (Columbia 2004 - present )
Introductory lectures to psychodynamic psychotherapy (Columbia, 2005 - present )
Introduction to Transference Focused Psychotherapy (St Luke's - Roosevelt, 2004-2009)
Brain and Mind course preceptor for medical students Weill-Cornell Medical College (2000-present)
Other educational activities:
Transference Focused Psychotherapy teacher and supervisor teaching courses in Budapest and supervise psychiatrists and psychologists
Supervising European psychiatrists and psychologists via Skype
Supervisor, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy program at Columbia

Supervising psychoanalytic candidates at Columbia Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research

Research and publications:
Leader of psyhopharmacology arm of randomized clinical trial of borderline personality disorders 2000-2
(Principal investigators Otto Kernberg, John Clarkin, Ken Levy)
Research grant from the International Psychoanalytic Association to study the relation between personality organization and sexual behavior
(findings persented on the IPA website in 2002)
Fogarty Fellow, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) 1989-1992 studying AIDS dementia

Publications in peer reviewed journals:
E.A. Murray, D.M.Rausch, J.Lendvay, L.R. Sharer, L.E. Eiden:
Cognitive and motor impairments associatied with SIV infection in Rhesus monkeys
Science, Vol 225, pp.1246-49 March 6, 1992
D.M. Rausch, J.D. Lifson, M.P. Padgett, B. Chandrasekhar, J. Lendvay, K.M. Hwang, L.E. Eiden:
Structural requirements for blockade of HIV infection, blockade of HIV-induced syncytium formation and virostatic activity in vitro
Biochemical Pharmacology, Vol 43, No.8, pp. 1985-1976, 1992

Psychoanalysis and medication, ApsaA Conference, 2012
Poster presentation at the VII International Conference on AIDS, Florence, 1991 W.A.  1032
Effects on viral antigenemia virus rescue and immune status during and following multi-dose GLQ223 administration
in SIV infected Rhesus Macaques and several other abstracts collaborating with the NIMH team
D. Banhegyi, J. Szlavik, J. Lendvay , E. Mistkovits, Zs. Gerley: Symptomatic HIV/AIDS paient care in Hungary
(VIII. International AIDS Conference, Amsterdam, 1992, PoB 3713
Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia. Annual conference of Hungarian infectologists, 1988
Zenthel - Effective treatment for echinococcosis. East-European Conference on Infectious Diseases, Pestien, Chechoslovakia 1987

Educational Award:
Teacher of the Year Award 2015

O'Conner Award for teaching medical students of psychodynamic concepts at Cornell and Columbia